What is the marketing debate?

The marketing discussion is based approach a natural way to talk about brands, services and products online.


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SEM = SEO + PPC – definition and concepts

The market for Internet search engine marketing is growing awareness of this region as well.

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And more and more people, from journalists and bloggers who write about marketing, after people from the industry, mistaken or used as synonyms for the main concepts: SEM, SEO, PPC. As soon as we noticed that this happens also, we have put to write this entry. We will try to explain and resolve some questions names, that is develop a item industry.

Inbound Marketing is a strategy for the future

If an indication that will be popular in the future, are the topics that were discussed at industry conferences that soon we can expect that the leading trend is Inbound Marketing.


This marketing strategy is currently enjoying the greatest popularity overseas. If the conference dedicated to SEO attract the attention of a select group of individuals, the number of participants in meetings about Inbound Marketing is still growing. Why is this happening? What is this phenomenon? What are its grounds?